The Bayside Boutique Hotel is located on the Blue Bay resort. This is a large, versatile and, above all, safe resort. It is carefully monitored so that guests can enjoy everything the immediate surroundings have to offer without any problems. This is especially true of the beach which creates a very favourable impression. This is only fifty metres away from the hotel and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Curaçao.

Fortunately, there are also many facilities available on the beach. For example, guests can have a bite to eat or a refreshing drink at the beach bar. Hotel guests can also use towels or deck chairs for free on this beach.


This is undoubtedly one of the most glorious attractions in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. The 18-hole golf course was designed by William Rocquemore and golfers from all over the world come here to play golf. The surroundings of the golf course are fantastic and effective use has been made of nature, creating fantastic holes. The nice thing is that the golf course is suitable for golfers of all levels. Guests at the Bayside Boutique hotel are getting a free golf arrangement (dependent of duration of stay). However, a golf cart must be rented. However, this only costs 12 dollars.

Countless restaurants

For people who love good food, this environment is fantastic. There are numerous different restaurants available where you can feast on delicious food and enjoy the local specialities. The Pictures restaurant, which belongs to the hotel itself, is one of the best restaurants. Here, dishes are served every day, using only fresh ingredients.


On Curaçao, everything naturally revolves around the sea. There are plenty of activities on and around the water. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel, there is the opportunity to participate in many different watersports, such as fishing, diving, snorkelling, as well as surfing, sailing or a ride on a water scooter.

Renting a car

To explore the island independently, it is, of course, convenient to rent a car. At the Bayside Boutique Hotel, it is possible for hotel guests to rent two different models. These can be booked immediately when a room is reserved.


With a rented car, it is possible, for example, to visit Willemstad. In fact, a visit to Curaçao is not complete without a visit to this capital. There are plenty of sights to see in Willemstad; it is a beautiful city, especially for lovers of culture as there are various special bridges and numerous historic buildings. Willemstad also has several museums that are well worth a visit. Think, for example, of the Kura Hulanda Museum and the Maritime Museum. Shopaholics will also find plenty of fun in Willemstad – don’t forget to check out the floating market! This is around the corner from the vibrant and busy Handelskade and is where fresh fruit and vegetables are sold.

Nature and diving

Curaçao has a versatile nature and there is a diversity of flora and fauna present on the island. There are several nature reserves that can be visited either by walking or cycling. The most beautiful natural spots of the island can also be viewed by boat. The most wonderful part of the island is sometimes overlooked by tourists and that is the unique underwater world. Curaçao has fantastic dive spots where you can view beautiful coral reefs and encounter the most special fish and other underwater animals. Experienced divers can explore this world on their own but it is advisable to look in advance at the applicable rules and laws. It is also possible to go on organized diving trips. These excursions will, of course, take you to the best spots for diving. It is wise to book in time because diving on Curaçao is extremely popular.

The most beautiful beaches

What are the most important ingredients of Curaçao? When residents are asked this question, the answer will nine times out of ten be about the wonderful weather, the beautiful sea and the special beaches. That is not surprising as the island has the most fantastic beaches and they are an important part of life on the island. It is almost always good weather on Curaçao, which makes the beaches very popular among tourists. People who come to the island for golf or for business also take a dip regularly to cool down. The great thing about Curaçao is that there are a lot of beaches and that they are also very diverse so there is a suitable beach for everyone. For example, some people like to go to a crowded and touristy beach where music is played, the party is constantly going on and there are plenty of bars to be found. Others find it more fun to go to a quiet and natural beach to enjoy the environment and peace. Both types of beach are available in abundance on the island.

Going out

In Curaçao, the party never stops. At almost every time of the day, a party is celebrated somewhere on the island. Those who love a party are in the right place when they come to Curaçao to play golf, celebrate a holiday or for business. Everywhere on the island, you can find clubs and discotheques where famous DJs play and where they party until the small hours. There are also many open-air parties, for example, on the beach. The nightlife on Curaçao is very versatile. There are also many restaurants, grand cafés and other entertainment venues available. Going out on Curaçao is rightly suitable for all ages and cultures!