Beautiful Beaches

 Curaçao Beaches

What are the most important ingredients of Curaçao? When residents are asked this question, the answer will nine times out of ten be about the wonderful weather, the beautiful sea and the special beaches. That is not surprising as the island has the most fantastic beaches and they are an important part of life on the island. It is almost always good weather on Curaçao, which makes the beaches very popular among tourists. People who come to the island for golf or for business also take a dip regularly to cool down.

The great thing about Curaçao is that there are a lot of beaches and they are also very diverse so there is a suitable beach for everyone. For example, some people like to go to a crowded and touristy beach where music is played, the party is constantly going on and there are plenty of bars to be found. Others find it more fun to go to a quiet and natural beach to enjoy the environment and peace. Both types of beaches are available in abundance on the island.